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More about the Album.

Breathless is a good blend of the traditional and contemporary. The songs are based on classical ragas and also a lot of folk music from various parts of India.

The idea was javed Akhtar's which was put forth when they were finalising the details for the album. One day when Shankar met Javed, Javed handed him four fullscape sheets with the lyrics on them - almost like an essay. Ans then he had to compose it!! Keeping the music and tone constant and unwavering, he had to compose it without making it sound monotonous. He says he had to use thye melody within each word to create the composition.

The video takes the viewer thriugh an endless array of tunnels and roms and tunnels and more tunnels!! Breathlessly. No slowing down , no slacking , no respite for eithrr the listener. No respite for the singer too, it would seem , even with careful listeninig.

Download a short Breathless clip in mp3 format HERE

The mp3 file is in .zip format (800 k )..So unzip and enjoy!!!

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